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Wen ur homeboy or whom ever is faded ass fuck n on the verge of passing out or tipping over, n sum1 ask r u straight meaning r u gonna be alright?
Ay Yo, u striaght dog?
by JstnTym420 August 29, 2004
A place were pimps go to to try to meet bitches and get their perv (see pervin), lika a get together, lol, u noe wtf fuck I'm talkin bout
Ay foo, u heard of any partys this weekend?
by JstnTym420 August 29, 2004
Bullet proof vest, I heard 50cent use this term many times.
I left my to-to at dress rehersale.
by JstnTym420 August 30, 2004
black rapper from california which joined g-unit to represent tha west coast but was the first person to be kikd by 50 cent from tha group g-unit, 50 claims he doesnt believe game is loyal
the game is in love with N.W.A
by JstnTym420 March 06, 2005
1. Small party to get your perv on (seepervin) n meet a few hoes.
2. A place ur homeboys tell you their going cause they don't want u 2 show up @ the same party as them and get all the bitches.
1. I'm juss gna roll ovr 2 brandons 4 a kick back 2 nite.
2. Justin on tha phone with Tony,
Justin: ay tony u noe wer dem partys r poppin 2 nite?
Tony: naw. Wer juss gna kik it here @ a homeboys pad 4 a lil kick back, n I don't think no 1 else cud roll up 2 nite, his parents r here.
Justin: fuck you then
by JstnTym420 August 29, 2004
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