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when you are trying to sleep, but your stomach is bubbling and groaning like you are about to shit all over bed. But you lay there thinking that it is going to go away. It ends up keeping you on edge all night in fear of waking up in your own shit.
Al had such a bad case of intestinal insomnia that he was up all night scraping (casino flavored) shit off of his sheets.

Jared's girlfriend woke up to the sound of his stomach growling, then went back to sleep realizing that it was just his intestinal insomnia acting up, but she knew that he would have to take a Jared poop on the way to work.
by Jshapedasshole July 03, 2008
When your asshole is J-shaped and you go and take a gigantic shit in the Lab bathroom, and spray feces all over the rim and under the seat of the toilet. Then you go to pull your pants and realize that you have shit all over the back of your balls . Normally smells like a casino or home made protein shakes.
When I went to use the lab bathroom the other day, I looked down and there was shit all over the toilet. I knew that some old man was walking around with scrotum spackle. Al I know you shit all over the toilet and tried to blame it on me, AL. I knew it was you when I walked in there cause it smelled like a casino, Al.
by Jshapedasshole July 03, 2008
When you get stinky, greasy sweat all over you-without actually doing any strenuous activity. normaly associated with fat, lazy people.
Dude, look at the sweaty fats glistening off of Nicole's back hair.

I know man, it looks like a baboons arsehole.

All Andy did was stuff a bag of Dorito's in his mouth, and he has sweaty fats beading up all over.
by Jshapedasshole May 30, 2008

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