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4 definitions by Jrmint

a pimp'd out cadillac escalade.

appeared after escalades with 21" wheels and low profile tires became the pimp mobile of choice
Yo check out that slice ova there in that 'Sclade.
by JrMint June 11, 2004
Zipper sparking refers to the act of dry humping while clothed.

Like dry humping it is the process of two people repeatedly rubbing their crotches on each other while fully clothed. Often achieving an orgasm.
"Oh man John wanted to zipper spark with susie so bad behind the bleachers at the Junior High School"
by JrMint September 27, 2004
A large quantity of any substance. Usually the largest possible size.
That is one yub of mayonnaise they sell.

" 'small' soda at the stores deli is 24oz. 'small' 'bucket' and 'yub' are their sizes. -HuweyII
by JrMint November 01, 2004
A chicken- which is not just a chicken, but also a fish.
Who ordah duh Chickenfish?
by Jrmint December 09, 2012