26 definitions by Joy

crowded, busy, too much text in a small space

combined bunch
I was trying to read that sign, but its too combunched.
by joy June 21, 2004
to put into simpler terms another word for your toe knuckles
you have hairy tuckles...ew
by joy April 21, 2004
to take a drug and hallucinate
"you took a trip, and climbed a tree, at robert sledge's party"
by joy September 25, 2003
tuna can
'hey go open that chode for me and start mixing it with mayo'
by joy February 02, 2004
a fart that slips up and out ur vagina (especially if ur sittin down)
she just murpled
by Joy June 10, 2004
1.fuck 2. sex 3. intercourse
1. Boof you!
2. Are we gonna boof soon?
3. Lets boof!
by Joy October 07, 2003
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