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An all encompassing noun that can describe the behaviour, effect or mere presence of a knob which can be a true phallus, or a figurative douchebag (see douchebaggery).

'Knobbery' can therefore refer to sex, self-embarrassment, stupidity, annoyance, or destruction. Sometimes the word refers to all these things simultaneously (in such cases 'knobbery' is a synonym for fuckage).
1: There are too many emos, racists and gays on the streets.
2: I agree, there's too much knobbery on the streets.
by Joshua2345 May 12, 2008
The place where's she's hiding that piece that she's going use to bust a cap in you for forgetting her birthday.
Shit! She's reaching into her handbag, my ass is grass for sure.
by Joshua2345 May 12, 2008
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