8 definitions by Joshua Muller , Joe Laucht, Justin Reeder

Related to pwnage or own, but a higher title given to one who repeatadly owns or pwns others in FPS or life in general. FPS
Josh seemed Ownly compared to all other noobs.
A term used for reserveing front seat status in a vehicle. Counter to rosa parks which outranks shot gun and various other forms of front seat reservation.
John called shot gun but I threw out a Aunt Jemima to counter it.
A hang out which usually ends in a sleep over of more than Two male friends or "Bros." (requires heterosexual entities only)
Me and the guys had a major Bro's Night last night.
The ancient art of minipulating the male genitals to represent objects.
I asked him the time and he showed me his "wristwatch." (the wraping of the penis around the wrist to resemble a wrist watch is an examlpe of penis puppetry)
A person who copies the exact actions of another individual
Jordan was called "Copo" after imitating the actions of Joe and Matt
Food or other substance which is consumed by men in manly activites.
While hanging out, Me and the guys made a run for some man fuel.
a greeting related to Hello. Similar in usage.
As I passed I gave him a fond Yoodle O's.

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