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Someone who constantly picks the ear, resulting with bronze pieces of ear wax on their finger tips. Taken from the more popular phrase "Gold Digger"
"Oh My God, Geoff is such a bronze digger. It's so f***ing disgusting"

"Dude, check out that Bronze Digger in the Third Row"

"Woah! He's going for the jackpot"
by Josh the Shweff March 07, 2010
The way you feel after not going home for several days due to non-stop partying and other activities.
Man #1: I haven't been home in 4 days. I'm covered in alcohol, urine, sweat and what I hope is a McFlurry.

Man #2: You are so Summer Dirty.
by Josh the Shweff May 18, 2010
Occurs when there is an election in the near future, and everyone uses facebook to describe their political allegiances and affiliations. Usually results in many chatting bullshit and things they read from Wikipedia.
Man 1: Oh My God, a conservative government would be awful.
Man 2: Why?!
Man 1: Err......Thatcher?
Man 2: Fucking Facebook Politics

Man 1: No way! Obama is such a communist!
Man 2: Do you know what a communist is?
Man 1: Isn't it like a Nazi?
Man 2: Pff...Facebook Politics
by Josh the Shweff May 05, 2010
Post Wank Fatigue. The severe case of tiredness that a male has after a period of masturbation.
"Dude, I was gonna watch Lost but I had major PWF ( so I went straight to bed"

"PWF is so useful when you can't get to sleep"

"Laura has the worst timing. She called me for a booty call, but I had PWF (Post Wank Fatigue), so I told her to use the rampant rabbit"
by Josh the Shweff March 06, 2010

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