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dirty skanky two timer cock sucking slut-whore
i was walking into the lockerroom to get my sports gear when i saw my girlfriend giving head to a teacher while taking it in the ass by the principle so i mummbled "You Jibbering Box A-Cookies" and backhanded that bitch in the face.
sucks ass, the worst thing theat could possibly happen(no words to describe it except for crap in a box).
we were playing a freindly game of dodgeball when a asshole threw a ball at my face and at the same time a four year old innocent little girl sledgehammered me in the balls and i said "crap in a box"
either the coolest of the cool or the worst of the worst never the middle
Jake after Josh won the lotto "mad gimpy"

Josh after Jake just got raped by a 40 year old man "mad gimpy"
by Josh ross Miller Shuagy Jmill$ April 11, 2009
the ultimate cool extreme only able to be defined as or the extreme extreme
skydiving out of a plane while restling a snake is ausmentitious
by Josh ross Miller Shuagy Jmill$ April 29, 2008
a piece of something that is not to large nor to small
josh made a declaration that he had a cake that tasted amazing so isaac asked "can i get a snicklefrazzle"
by Josh ross Miller Shuagy Jmill$ February 22, 2010

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