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Abbreviation for International Baccalaureate, an international program of education that is taught in more than 105 countires worldwide. It is similar to Advanced Placement, yet IB is a programm in which you can graduate with an IB diploma. IB classes are based on an international ciriculum and are either Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL), HL are two year courses, SL are one year courses. Hated by most and loved by few, it is academically rigorous and difficult, and not for the light-hearted.
1- Ey yo, you takin that IB Anthropology class wit Aleo, that joint is hard.

2- Gar-field IB program is hard shit young.
by Josh M October 24, 2003
Simply means- Wasting Time.
-"hey man what's up"
-"nothin... just bonjanglin"
by Josh M March 08, 2005
a term used to define ones who nock on slobber. (see def. slobber)
ie. man, gregg is such a slobbernocker
by josh m September 14, 2003

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