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Schnoobs are a category of breast with a ski jump shape. If one were to make a sound effect it would go "vwoop".
My that's a nice set of Schnoobs you've got there.
by sidetrack strutton October 24, 2011
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A dependent, usually diminutive being. Often cute, but sometimes irritating, your typical "schnoob" is uncanny, enjoys knocking things over, and in the case of a "googly-schnoob", has googly eyes. There is also a rare breed of "Ginger-schnoob" that is known to be very dependent on it's elders. People tend to have a low tolerance for the presence of a schnoob, due to their tendency to linger (see linger-schnoob), but for the most part, they are a beloved race.

"Get out of here, Schnoob!"

by Rezzla June 27, 2012
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A Schnoob is the ultimate noob, even worse then a froob. an example of a schnoob is
a schnoob is alex plavner...XBOX gamertag hermanator729
by jc slaguhter September 26, 2007
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