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Possibly the Greatest Counrty American to ever live-- Long Live Hank Jr.
"A Country Boy Can Survive" Bocephus
by Josh K April 01, 2004
Used by Trisha in the TV Series of Bo Selecta! This Word is taken from a Jamaican Word, "bumbaclat", the english equivalent of our most violent insult ;)
Tell me your problem, Bumbasquat!
by Josh K August 24, 2004
an expression that shows annoyance, used mostly by people from the North of England and Bristol.
Dave: The toilets are shut, and i need a piss!!!
Josh: Well that's a buggerance... *laughs*
by Josh K June 18, 2005
The mispronunciation of bumbasquat
This word has got no meaning, but is said by Trisha when confused with Bumbasquat, the correct pronunciation.
Because this word has no meaning, no example can be stated.
by Josh K August 24, 2004
Name for a smoothie-like drink containing fruit syrup, milk, ice-cream and crushed ice. Usually served in a tall glass with whipped cream and strawberries on the top, and a straw.
Yeah, gimme a Guava Juppie.
by Josh K August 24, 2004
another term for a bedpan
Nurse, can you change Henry's dubya?
by Josh K September 12, 2004
1. sweet
2. erotic
3. pornstar
4. laughy
5. flexible
Serenity is the sweetest erotic flexible pornstar that will make you laugh.
by josh k April 19, 2005

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