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a. A state of being; the actual nature of a person who is hearing voices that arent there, seeing shadow people, or thinking your neighbors cat is a narc. The ultimate sketch usually resulting from meth. speed, shard, ice, shit, poop, crystal, windows, glass, krystal, champagne, billy, go fast, deeps

b. The after effectm on your mind after years of hard drug abuse meth
"dude everyone's definition of spun out on here are so fucking weak i just had to put my own"

"that dudes spun out for life"

"dude im not fucking joking bro, he was hiding in the bushes for 5 hours last night spun out of his mind"
by Josh Allen (714 Ca) January 19, 2009
a. Hugging one's dick with your mouth.
b. A pimper way to ask a bitch for head on the fly.
"hey baby just give me a mouth hug and get it wet before i put it in"

"no bitch i said mouth hugs now"
by Josh Allen (714 Ca) January 19, 2009
Niggers when in the snow, usually seen from above like on a ski lift. Term was coined when two niggers were spotted making snow angel's. See definition for example
"Check out that snow spider making snow angel's"

"What ever editor didnt publish this definition must be a fucking obama loving big lipped, knuckle dragging snow spider"
by Josh Allen (714 Ca) January 20, 2009
a. meth, dope, shit, shards
b. spawning from the metaphore "the deep end", being way into dope, on the slang (sales) 24-7, so deep jail or death is usually the quickest way out.
"you got a pipe homey, I got some bomb deeps"
by Josh Allen (714 Ca) January 19, 2009

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