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A movie cliché in which a black man with apparently supernatural powers mysteriously appears, helps the white man in trouble get through his problems for no reward, and then cheerfully leaves the story altogether.
Legend of Bagger Vance.
The Green Mile.
The Matrix.
Bruce Almighty.
by Joseph Anchorhead December 12, 2003
Mandarin Chinese expression of pain. Can be used in a multitude of situations, from papercuts (aiyoaiyoaiyoaiyo!) to long, drawn-out illness (aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiyoooooooooo!).
Aiyo! Aiyo!

Aiyo! Aiyo!

Aiyo! Aiyo!
by Joseph Anchorhead December 17, 2003
1. Anything exceedingly positive.
2. Anything cool.
Dude! That car is killographic!

Check out the curves on that chick! She's totaly killographic!
by Joseph Anchorhead December 12, 2003
That which is not quite bling bling. Half-bling. Unibling. Quasibling. Diet Bling. A bling that isn't quite a bling.
Monobling is blades on a '93 Camry. It's cubic zirconium in 8-carat gold-plated zinc. It's a hundred-dollar bill on top of a thick wad of singles.
by Joseph Anchorhead January 27, 2004
A satire website similar in vein to the Onion...only nowhere near as funny.
Oh, look. BBSpot updated again. How quaint.
by Joseph Anchorhead December 10, 2003
A fark classifeds troll.
Christ, don't respond to him! He's just being a pkjun!
by Joseph Anchorhead December 10, 2003

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