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The act applying to most Minnesotants while visiting others in which, when one person has to leave, they proceed to talk for another hour, then the departing party is walked to the front door, where they talk for another hour, then the departing party gets walked to their car while the host family talks to them through the car window for an hour, and finally the departing couple SLOWLY departs down the drive, yelling back & forth with the host family.
The couple from Texas was extremely irritated by the Minnesota Goodbye they received while visiting their distant relatives.
by Jordan has Skills July 29, 2006
A person who recycles EVERYTHING and forces EVERYONE to do the same, by use of threats, insults, and violent behavior. Also known for digging through the trash to retrieve items which can be recycled.
A Recycling Nazi McDonalds employee won't let you near the garbage can until everything which is recyclable is recycled.
by Jordan has Skills June 04, 2006
used when referring to the four seasons which apply only Minnesota: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Road Construction.
dude, we're in Florida but there are Minnesota seasons.
by Jordan has Skills June 06, 2006
the vocal accent obtained when either

A. A person from Minnesota moves to Tennessee
B. A person from Tennessee moves to Minnesota

both result in an accent with extended "o"'s and a drawl. (saying "dontcha know" and "y'all" is common)
Did you hear that girl's wicked Minnessee Accent?
by Jordan has Skills June 06, 2006
The feeling of irritation experienced by men when women have to pee every hour while on a road trip.
Also applies to parents of small children.
Josh was ready to explode from peeritation because Jody had to make pit stops ever 30 minutes.
by Jordan has Skills July 29, 2006

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