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A small-sized hangover, usually comes with merely a mild headache, a vague fatigue, and little or no sense of regret and/or shame.
I didn't really drink that much last night, but I think I've got a leanover. Wtf!
by Jordan VB September 06, 2007
Mood Raping (verb). To destroy the feeling of a conversation amongst two or more people, preferably in a staff meeting environment.

Karen's joke in the meeting was so unfunny, it was a mood raping.
When Karen decided to proclaim "I have herpes!" after the firm's partner excitedly announced she was pregnant, it was a mood raping.
by Jordan VB September 18, 2007
1. An exploding vagina
2. An unfortunate event
Oh no!!! I had a cuntsplosion!!!
by Jordan VB December 28, 2007
A question asked through a text message.
Hey, did you get my textion yesterday? I still don't know the answer!
by Jordan VB March 10, 2008
People that are neighbors through the subway.
You live on 86th? That's only 3 stops away from me! We're totally neighways!
by Jordan VB June 16, 2008
Opposite of FOMO. Abbreviation for Happy I'm Not There.
Oh you're with our friends at that bar I hate? Yeah...HINT.
by Jordan VB September 27, 2013

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