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A holy group consisting of relgious figures. Includeing Jesus, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Krishna, Sea Man, Bhudda, Moses, and Lao Zi. In a southpark episode they unite against the cult of David Blaine which actually alludes to Scientology.
Some believe that the super best friends also have super epic mounts:
Jesus: Unicorn
Mohammed: Twelve Teeted Camel
Joseph Smith: A Sly Fox
Krishna: An Elephant
Bhuda: Panda
Moses: Serpeant
Lao Zi: Chines Dragon
Sea Man: Sea Horse
Super Best Friends UNITE!
by Jordan Reindl March 11, 2008
The act of bare ass farting in another's face.
Dude, I just hicked my pants down and gave Jimmy such a brutal stinky stesha.
by Jordan Reindl March 02, 2008
The frase used to rudely thank a friend for a favor.
Jordan:Hey Jon can you throw this out because your already up?
Jon:I guess
Jordan:That's a good little bitch.
Jon:Scew You.
by Jordan Reindl March 07, 2008
To be stingy and horde ones personal belongings, usually pertaining to Jew gold.
Don't ask Mario for a cookie, he jew hordes his.
by Jordan Reindl March 05, 2008
When one grabs the gooch, aka the taint of male. Taint referring to the are between one's ass and balls.
Dude, I swear to Christ that i'll gooch grab you if you do that again.
by Jordan Reindl March 02, 2008
The act of laying on one's back spreading your legs and farting.
Hey man, come and light this spread susan style fart.
by Jordan Reindl March 02, 2008

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