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The boring channel you always see your mother watching on Sunday Mornings.
Dammit Mom, HGTV is the most boring on tv, I wanna watch the GOLF channel.
by Jordan Miller April 24, 2005
Formed by combining the two words 'wank' and 'masturbate.'; The same meaning as masturbate.
Tom's wife doesn't have sex with him very often, but he always finds time alone to wanksterbate.
by Jordan Miller April 24, 2005
A Term used by my former homosexual Gym Teacher, Mr Quay

It means to jack your tally on a gym bench
Jim was straddling the bench in from of timothy
by Jordan Miller February 26, 2004
The name of a white furry Pokemon with a snout
I tried to capture a Manky in my Pokeball, but it escaped!
by Jordan Miller April 23, 2005
Semen. To ejaculate.
I made a Typo all over the floor!
by Jordan Miller April 23, 2005
The nick-name Given to Chun-li by her friends and family.
Her name is Chun-li, but we just call her Thunder Thighs.
by Jordan Miller April 23, 2005

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