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If heaven exists, it would right here at Camp Kinderland.
Its all, weird but cool people who don't care what you look like as long as you're like a socialist or commie or hippie or rocker or something and like its awesome and theres a cute bulldog named lennonand everyone is ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY
and don't forget olympics
and lake compounce
and the other trips like scoops and our ruined camping trip and outsinging the teens and always being late for KP and me n Alison lying in the grass and acting like retards at share and african dance and alla girl talks and vagina monologues and transformer lights and acting like retards for capture the flag and swimming and the bunnies and schmooze on the swing and penis pops and everything else!!!!
I love camp K soooo much!! The best seven weeks o' ma life!
by Jooliya April 13, 2004
A girl also named Annabel who is a ghetto homie jew
I envy Smell0's fashion sense and kikass group of friends. Smell0 is my hero
-- Berri (see Berri)
by Jooliya April 12, 2004
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