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Reselling tickets for a profit. When done on an individual level, this is often considered illegal, but when it's a company catering to rich people, somehow that makes it o.k. for them to buy up all the tickets and then scalp them. Here is how a ticket company delicately explains what they do:
"The box office is the original source for tickets. Tickets out of the box office are sold at “face value”. If available, tickets out of the box office are generally less expensive, but the seat selection may be severely limited. If you are unable to obtain the tickets you want through the box office, and you are willing to pay above the face value for tickets, we can help you get the seats you are looking for.
Many people use our services because the official box office no longer has the type of seats they want.
It is important for the customer to understand that we are an independent agency that buys and resells event tickets on the secondary market. We apply a service charge to each ticket that we sell, so the price printed on the ticket will generally not be our selling price. Since our tickets are sold on the secondary market, our prices are determined by the "market value", which is based on supply and demand. The “market value” can be substantially higher than the “face value” of the ticket. Please remember that in most cases we have to pay quite a bit over the "face value" for the tickets that we offer for sale."
That damn ticket broker bought up all the tickets and now they're scalping them at triple face value, but my homie got his ass busted just because he had an extra ticket and tried to recoup what he paid for it. Why is it that when the broker does it, it's legal? That's some shit.
by JonnyR July 13, 2006
When you've taken some good ecstasy and your eyes go all wiggly on you. Happens when you're peaking. Makes it really hard to read or write anything.
At that "Are You Experienced?" party by Children of the Sun, Bill got the eye wiggles for the first time when he tried to use a Sharpie to write his email address on a brightly colored flyer, to give to somebody. The combination of blacklight, fluorescent paper, and good e made it virtually impossible to do.
by JonnyR June 20, 2006
Antioch, California, a somewhat distant suburb of San Francisco.
There are hecka tweakers in Yoktown.
by JonnyR June 01, 2006

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