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Personal Electronic Thingy (PET) is a small computerized gadget like a PDA or palmtop computer, etc. Used for games, keeping track of appointments, or hacking into mainframes-(well only if its a zaurus) also known as a "Happy Electronic Prosthetic". Newer models of these things sometimes have cellular capability so you can chat with friends on the go.
Man, I just ordered a new Personal Electronic Thingy from Amazon and I cant wait! Im going to install Linux on it so I can totally airsnort the shit outa starbucks! Warwalking RULES!
by JonnyPhenomenon November 01, 2005
IRC instigator. annoying person with a penchant for pushing buttons and interjecting in conversations for no reason.
/ignore litup ftw!

11:47 * Hayrab sets mode: +b litup
by JonnyPhenomenon July 06, 2006
Happy Electronic Prosthetic (HEP) is a small computerized gadget like a cellphone, PDA, wristwatch etc. also known as a "Personal Electronic Thingy". frequently worn, or attached to womens faces while driving.
I used to carry a datebook and a bag phone... now that I have my Happy Electronic Prosthetic, I can keep track of my appointments, text message my GF and play tetris all through class!
by JonnyPhenomenon November 01, 2005

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