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A pasty white girl or guy. Pretty much the closest thing to Albino Name comes from the movie powder.
Holy shit Bill, look at that kid. Bill:
Hey Powder! That mofo looks like a giant q-tip.
by JonnyC February 22, 2005
A game made up in Trejos spanish class a few years ago. You look out the window and ask the person next to you. Would you hit it? He/she has 3 options 1.Yes 2.No 3.At a party, more options have been added, but these are the original ones.
Hey tim, would you hit it? At a party!
by JonnyC March 02, 2005
An insult said to large females. Made up by Wyman. Also said by alot of members of the San Marcos High Baseball team.
Garret and the Fellas walking down the hall. Fat girls in sight. Garrett: Faat chiiicks!!
by JonnyC February 22, 2005
What you say to someone who is being a pussy.When NIKE is said, you should automaticaly know "Just do it"
Kid's sitting there like a pussy with an egg in his hand, but he wont throw it.
Friend: Nike! God damn.
by JonnyC April 15, 2005

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