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3 definitions by JonnyBGoodwin

Akin to that of a "Phone Five" whereby when talking on a mobile phone you yell "PHONE FIVE!" and each caller slaps their phone to simulate a 'High Five' without being near one another.

A mouse five takes place on computer instant messaging after something of great excitement or accomplishment have been achieved.

Both Parties raise their Mouse and slap it!
Adam: "I just got someone to babysit tonight, so we can play poker!"

Jon: "Mouse Five!"

*Slap Mouse*
by JonnyBGoodwin September 30, 2010
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The state of something being immense but expensive.

Usually the immense factor far outweighs the blow to ones bank balance.
Adam: God Dam I want an iPhone4 it's so immense, but it's also so expensive.

Jon: Sometimes you just gotta give in to something that immensive!!
by JonnyBGoodwin October 26, 2010
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Something that is disgusting or repulsive, usually a smell or a taste.

Devised from a combination of "Rancid" & "Mank"
Guy 1: "Have you seen the cheese under my toes?"

Guy 2: "Ahhhh man! That's Rank!"
by JonnyBGoodwin September 29, 2010
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