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A person of talent or intelligence who deliberately steers their course towards matters of a dubious nature. Somebody with the capacity for success who fails on purpose.
Frank Zapper was thought a waster for squandering musical genius on the persuit of juvenile satire.
by Jonny Random May 05, 2006
Name tag for the state in which the conceptual process separating experience into different bodies is extinguished. Viewpoint in which the usual plural differentiation between such things as here and there and self and other and mind and body and observer and observed has ceased to exist. State called oneness which is such that, for example, the sense organ which hears and that which is heard are no longer experienced as two seperate things.

I do not recommend doing drugs to facilitate this experience as even if you do the state will be temporary alongside the effects of the drugs, but the associated damage done and your confused state might be prolonged. Harmlessness amidst a normal experience is a better motivator than the rush for a superior experience.
I think therefore I am not one of enlightenment.
I see it therefore I am not yet one of enlightenment.
I experience it therefore I am not yet one of enlightenment.
My mind projects an invisible shell around me which seperates me from my environment therefore I cannot, as much as I would wish it, be yet enlightened.
Your experience is a puppet and you only are always pulling the strings.
by Jonny Random September 17, 2007
Derogatory term, most frequently directed at people who obsessively pursue hobbies which consist almost entirely of gathering information about a favourite topic, generally a fairly benign and arcane device such as a specific type of computer. Origins possibly explained by the information-gatherer collectives' peculiar habit of wearing outdoor clothing or jackets at socially inappropriate or awkward times such as at the dinner table or in bed.
Simon, we have been watching TV for thirty minutes now, are you going to take your anorak off?
by Jonny Random May 16, 2007
Anybody who believes that learning to understand and relate correctly to their environment has more meaning than getting drunk and laid and watching reality TV.
If you're persecuted by people dumber than you are, or you struggle to relate to people because you can't get into the usual routine of sex, bitching and the latest buzz, you are a nerd. Own it. The latest music will be old news by the end of next month. Science is here to stay! Don't resent yourself for being smarter than other people, for being Martin out of the Simpsons. He's the only one who actually knows how to enjoy himself without regretting it later.
by Jonny Random November 10, 2007
Umbrella term for non-specific belief system held by people who like to re-interpret their intellectual undernourishment as meaning they are instead party to some special secret or higher knowledge, moral outlook, belief system or behaviour than other people en masse. Often found positioned very close in the psyche of such holders close to other faintly grasped terms like "enlightenment", "awareness", "ignorance", "confusion", "awakened" and "delusion" what makes such people so maddening is their collective conviction that they posses all these attributes in abundance, whilst in practice displaying considerably less of each than the self-same people they claim these qualities make them superior than.
So, what is your position on the Christians versus atheists debate?
Oh, I believe in spirituality
by Jonny Random June 30, 2011
Iron Butterfly produced Jim Morrison / Doors impersonation. Symbolised by one minute of atrocious lyrics followed by seventeen minutes of keyboard solo, drum solo and around twenty guitar solos. Superb!
That in a gadda da vidda song, it's ok but it could have done with a few more solos in it.

Hey I just heard this messed up in a gadda da vidda tune with a meaningless name, you haven't truly lived until you've heard it all the way through.

Even it had been "In the garden of eden" it still wouldn't have made sense.
by Jonny Random March 30, 2008
Process of feminine reasoning as defined by <Rachel-1979> which provides a generalized form of feminine reasoning which is simultaneously unattainable and incontrovertible through traditional male reasoning.
Rachel: "That went down like a damp squid"
Male: "I think you mean 'That went down like a damp Squib'".
Rachel: "No, it's definitely damp squid"
Male: "No darling, it's damp squib, from the explosive squib which fails when wet".
Rachel: "No, it's a damp squid. Squids live under water so they are quite damp".
Male: "Sweetheart I think you're using Rachel-logic. I think you're having a 'blonde' moment".

Also see: "Women are more intelligent than men": I mean, no wonder they think so if they come up with conclusions like this and believe them!
by Jonny Random April 23, 2011

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