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N. When one successfully chews through the used condom tied around their head used during a "hostile takeover", providing a combination of tastes to ponder while yelling for assistance.
It is only after she got a Taste of Freedom was she truly free.
by Joness June 12, 2006
V. When you tie up your partner and proceed to have anal sex with them using a condom. Keeping the cum inside the condom it is then removed, sealed with a knot, then tied around your partners head between the upper and lower jaw after which you vacate the premises. Only after they get a "Taste of Freedom" can they effectively yell for help. Most preferably done in a hotel room with a one night stand or hooker. Place partner in front of television for moral support. See also; Taste of Freedom.
As a noun/ I picked up a hooker on the hill in Mex. last night. I didn't want to pay her so I performed a Hostile Takeover.
by Joness June 12, 2006
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