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A silverhootowl is a game old bird, mostly found in the backwoods of Missouri. They are known for their distinctive call. The only way to catch them is to clamp down on their muffler, which stops them dragging on the road. They have been seen as far afield as California and they fly to Hot Springs once a year for hibernation purposes.
Wow! Was that a silverhootowl that he saw? Yes it was, the distinctive muffler could be seen.
by Jonathan June 22, 2004
Word used by quebeckers. Bastardization of "ici".
Icite chu chez nous.
by Jonathan January 28, 2004
1. The star of the best cartoon, Flash or otherwise, to ever exist.
2. The greatest entertainer of this or any generation.
Oh Hewo. Stwong Bad could not make it today, so I will be taking his place. My name is Homestaw Wunno.
by Jonathan October 16, 2003
A computer game involving the attack on Sweden by the United Nations, which is played through 3 chapters:
1. Attack Launch
2. Invasion
3. Failed Evacuation
4. Complete Annihilation
Target Sweeden was the most fun I ever had in a computer game!
by Jonathan September 12, 2003
The nickname for MOUNT TAN, the smallest mountain in the world.
I almost stepped on Mt. Tan today when I was walking home from school.
by Jonathan August 19, 2003
1)Someone who labels planes.
"My cousin Jeff wants to end it, because he's just a crappy plane-labeller."

A man who labels planes is a plane-labeller.
by jonathan November 19, 2002
A pointless exclamation that can be used at any point in any sentence.
Sklededebra those green beans were good!
by Jonathan March 09, 2005
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