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When one gender mates with the opposite gender.
I gazed at Sarah. I knew that I was going to get some action. I sauntered up to her. Beneath the white tee she wore I saw a lace bra. I opened the car door for Sarah, then drove to the bar and I bought her some drinks. I drove us to my place. When I closed the door I took off my shirt. She already had her tee off. I grinned, removing her miniskirt. Under that was white thong. I unzipped my jeans and stripped them off. Then, I suddenly lunged forward and kissed her lips saucily. Soon it was a contest for how passionate our kisses could be. Soon we reached my room. Perfect. The blinds were closed. In a sec we were inside. First, I shoved porn DVDs off the bed. She snapped off her bra and I gazed at her 34D breasts. They jiggled up and down. My dick almost broke out of my boxers. I slid her thong down and shoved her against a wall. I began to lick her breasts. After a few short minutes she moaned. I swung her onto the carpet and slid three fingers into her wet pussy. I pumped her pussy with my fingers, frenching her. After a few minutes I flipped her into a crouch position and shoved my dick into her ass. She let out groan after moan. Sarah then shoved me down and grinded my cock against her pussy. She then gave me a sensual hand and blowjob, rubbing my balls sucking my cock. She switched her doings and I spurted cum onto her palms. She licked her fingers. I couldn't take it anymore. I threw Sarah on the bed and pressed her on the sheets. "Ready?" I panted. (Sex cliffhanger!)
by JonIsHot November 10, 2010

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