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the best band around, or the sound a gun makes
1. Holy shit ratatat is awsome
2. Ratatat! Ratatat! i just killed you
by Jon AIM: victoryatsea0 March 13, 2005
bands-q and not u,ratatat, stills, explosions in the sky, les savy fav, pavement,broken social scene

stands for independent, accociated with the scene which is a bunch of people who think they are cooler than one another. either a type of music or a type of label given to a person. Indie people never call themeselves indie or there not indie, there posers even though everyone already is one besides the first person who listened to an indie band which is usally there mom. yes the bands mom is more indie then you, im sorry.
"im so much more indie than you,
i listen to the shins"
"you mean after garden state?"
"well i listen to the strokes"
"you mean after mtv?"
"well i dress in 80's clothes, have myspace and where tons of eyeliner"
by Jon AIM: victoryatsea0 March 13, 2005

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