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the best band around, or the sound a gun makes
1. Holy shit ratatat is awsome
2. Ratatat! Ratatat! i just killed you
by Jon AIM: victoryatsea0 March 13, 2005
An amazing electronic band that we rarely see in the music world.
My girlfriend asked me to put music on while we fuck. Ratatat's wildcat stimulated the hard thrusting my girlfriend received.
by bobbyk91 August 16, 2009
a term used by mobsters in the 20's describing a thompson(a gun commonly found in violin cases)
hey mikey gimme that rat-a-tat; im'a gonna go "fix" this fucker!
by jonny tight lips September 13, 2005
An electronic indie rock band. Guitars and keyboards are used to make whirring tunes and blips. The beat-heavy mixes and songs are chill and quirky. The band is composed of Evan Mast and Mike Stroud, the duo met in upstate New York during their college years.
Stephanie- "Nick! Guess where I am!"
Stephanie-"I'm at the Ratatat concert at the Cat's Cradle!"
Nick-"Damn, thats awesome"
by Nani16 October 02, 2008
when two penises are put in the butthole at the same times
I was totally doing the ratatat last night, it was awesome
by asleesyasrtoshrg March 25, 2013
A word made up by a guy I know which describes the way my Scottish ass speaks.
"Yeah, you know who you are."
by Jackie Walker January 20, 2005
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