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Software so poorly written, the creators deny that it is in its final form.
Windows is not beta because the creators do not try to hide their poorly written code - they sell it.
by Jon August 11, 2004
1) To totally flip out on somebody in a cool way. Sometimes accompanied by a Shilelah
OMG, Jon just ROW SHAM BOW'd that kid with his SHILELAH
by Jon August 18, 2004
The BEST Cars Around.
Whoever Says Saturn Cars Aren’t Cool Must Drive A Piece Of Crap Ford.
by Jon March 15, 2005
If it looks good it goes faster
Adding a Chrome air filter adds 10+ horsepower
by Jon May 02, 2003
abbreviation for the word/handle forte, an infamous hacker from the early 90s.

other abbreviations used: 4d, 4te, fourty.
yo forte, write me a worm in c.
by jon June 06, 2004
Palo is basically a guy who likes to have sex with big fat transexual ogres. In his free time, he enjoys buttfucking horny kangaroos and eating cow testicles.
"Yummy." said Palo. "These testicles are delicious! I think I'll have some more"
by Jon July 05, 2004
a pop-punk band that has shown improvement. their ep and first cd sucked, but there current cd "does this look infected?" is actually good. out of all the pop-punk bands the only one i would listen to is sum 41 and maybe blink 182. i could see how people think they suck because of the other albums.

i feel kind of guilty listening to sum41 because all of their fans are fags! they're all little teeny boppers who think are a bunch of posers. thats what ruins sum 41's image. they try to come out with a good cd and all their fans are fags and it makes other people think they suck.
Sum 41 is underrated because of all their gay fans.
by jon November 22, 2003
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