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1)Someone who:
Has a mortal fear of showers.
Cuts his filthy, puke-inducing toenails right in front of you.
Hawks up phlegm, and then chews it and swallows, around fifty times an day.
Farts around 50 times an hour, and laughs every fucking time, like a fucking moron.
Doesn't even own a fucking toothbrush.
Tells you when he's just masturbated, and describes it in intricate detail.

2)Proof that no god exists.
Paul:Man, I saw your room-mate yesterday. I swear to God I could smell him from 50 yards. How THE FUCK can you live with him?
John: I don't know, I just don't know. I can't go on like this, John! I just can't!
* Starts crying on Paul's shoulder*
Paul: * pats John on the back*
There, there. There there.
by johnny_no_name April 25, 2005
The response given when a friend or group of friends is making derogatory remarks about a recent conquest, and you are in no positon to defend yourself.
Martin: Hey, John, rememeber last night when you got with the rank fat bitch with stubble and cauliflower ears?
You gonna call her? Hahahaha!
John(hungover): Whateverthefuck.
by Johnny_no_name April 06, 2005

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