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1) an indian who doesn't fuck things up by lying.

2) a statement which is made when someone says something hard to believe. pronounced "ind-jin."
1) That is one honest indian. He told the truth and didn't fuck things up.

2) Bob: Man I just slept with a hot blonde chick.
Rick: Honest Indian?
Bob: No shits bro!
by JohnnyPots June 22, 2007
The time of the day when your boss isn't around. You must notify other co-workers of this status. Many things can be done during a dude watch, such as a "red can run," or a 12/12. You should never pass up a good dude watch.
Dale went to Council. There is a dude watch in effect.
by JohnnyPots June 22, 2007
When staring at your gas needle and noticing that it is very low, you determine that it is time to do something about it. Either getting an actual red 5 gallon gas can, or popping the lock with the key, making sure your lights are off, and pulling in for a quick fuel up on the dude watch.

(see dude watch)
Dick: Man my needle is on empty! What should I do?
Jane: You need to pull a red can run!
Dick: That's right! I'll grab the can!
Jane: Or you can just pop the lock and do the dude watch!
by JohnnyPots June 22, 2007
at midnight of any given day, you will walk in to a store and remove twelve items of your choice. it must be at midnight, and you must remove at least twelve items. no less than twelve is allowed, but more than twelve is OK.
I went in there on a "dude watch," and after pulling a "red can run" I brown bagged a twelve twelve. I got a battery, some trash bags, sodas, and various other items that I needed. It was a pretty successful operation.
by JohnnyPots June 22, 2007

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