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The pungent, vinegar-scented sweat that builds around the scrotum on a hot day or after physical activity.
What a game! I've got to hit the shower to wash off all of this ballsamic vinegar before my girl friend comes over!
#testicles #sweat #balls #scrotum #genitals #crotch #hot
by JohnnyA-list April 20, 2008
A nickname for one's erect penis.

Often used in cocky masculine conversation. Often found more humorous when talking in an overtly stereotypical Italian-American accent while making radical hand gestures up and down one's thigh in order to demonstrate it's size.
Bart: "How 'bout that little blond broad? You gonna hit that tonight?"

Johnny: "Oh, Bart! What'da you think?! You know I'm gonna go back to her place and give her my Chrysler Building!!! Ehhh...ohhh!"
#penis #hard-on #cock #dick #dong
by JohnnyA-list June 16, 2011
The process by which one is provided a plethora whiskey that is intended for consumption by said person.
It's been a long work week and I'm ready to hit the tree-side watering hole for some whiskification at happy hour tonight!
#whiskey #drinking #binge drinking #bar #alcohol
by JohnnyA-list June 16, 2011
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