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7 definitions by Johnny Appleseed

1) A retarded, stupid girl who doesn't seem to get that she's just not funny, smart, intelligent or witty.
2) An incredibly moronic girl on the Linkin Park Message Board, who doesn't cease to show her idiocy.
3) To commit an act more stupid or equally as stupid as the person in definition #2.
1.) Oh my God, Annie! That was the most unfunny, stupid thing ever. You just pulled a Carouselp!
2.) Holy shit, lil' Johnny! Did you see that? Carouselp didn't know what the hell an understatement was! What a fucking moron!
3.) Hey look! Dan just pulled a Carouselp and made a total dense ass out of himself.
by Johnny Appleseed July 19, 2004
In a land of make believe, eventually sprouts the fantastic creature which grows to devour the very source of the illusion which bore it. Motion Recordings is that undefined, untamed, and unshackled beast.
"Mom, why can't I listen to Motion Recordings music?"
"Because honey, it challenges my every sense of being."
by Johnny Appleseed January 26, 2005
Enigmatic, untamed, man-child-beast, often seen/heard at www.motionrecordings.com
The Mole is my hero becuase he is cool.
by Johnny Appleseed January 27, 2005
Motion Recordings brings you music for a better tomorrow.
by Johnny Appleseed January 27, 2005
Another word for a trumpet
Yo get ya tramp son.
by Johnny Appleseed January 03, 2005
your mom looks funny she is old and funny old ha ah ha ha ah ah penguin see definition 4
"dont you think my moms cool?", "frawg"
by johnny appleseed March 10, 2004
the third time you score
me and lolita had our first kiss, and it's only our second date
by johnny appleseed March 10, 2004