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A fictional name assigned to a flavor when the marketing geniuses at 7-Eleven find themselves at the end of a promotional tie in with a warehouse full of green goop.
When the Shrek movie left theaters they decided to call the green slurpie Frawg.
by Gregory La Vardera September 14, 2005
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your mom looks funny she is old and funny old ha ah ha ha ah ah penguin see definition 4
"dont you think my moms cool?", "frawg"
by johnny appleseed March 10, 2004
A substitute for the greeting "dawg".

A term used for a close friend rather than their name.

Not limited to any ethnicity, can be used by all.
"Sup frawg"

"What up my frawg"

"Yo frawg, that's a nice tree frawg"
by John Barrett May 09, 2009

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