2 definitions by JohnJacobJingleHimerSchmit

1. I derogatory term for a nerdy Caucasian(white)person. Not heard much anymore. See also cracker

2. A "game". Squeezing a woman's breasts as if expecting a honking sound.
J.D.: That's one nerdy Honky!

I was playing Honky with Jill's tits last night. Fun as hell.
by JohnJacobJingleHimerSchmit November 25, 2007
A boy who enjoys doing girl like things. A boy who enjoys painting nails, Barbie, etc.
You wanna paint your nails with me?

Brian:I think James is a tom girl.
James: Hey, sexy man.
*James leaves*
Brian:Yeah, now he is for sure.
by JohnJacobJingleHimerSchmit October 23, 2007

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