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A person that attacks and is prepared to ruin the career of one of the country’s spies tracking terrorist efforts to gain weapons of mass destruction for political gain.
Person #1 Shhh keep it a secret.
Person #2 Don't worry I won't Karl Rove you out...
by John Hopper July 11, 2005
Known as Hard-Liners in most political parties around the word. In United States it’s ideology for traditional values is it’s basis. Modern day right wing Republicans are controlled by the Christian ideology.
The right wing of the Republicain Party secret motto for you is to REPRODUCE, OBEY, and CONSUME.
by John Hopper June 20, 2005
Used in the lyrics in the song called The Outsider from A Perfect Circle. Deal with a problem or fault without do something drastic. Cope with it and move on. To be aware of a problem that can not be fixed but tuck away deep inside yourself, a place like the intersection of a geologic fault with the surface of the earth or other plane of reference.
Crying to yourself again,
Suicidal imbecile
Think about it, and put it on a faultline
by John Hopper April 13, 2005
Describtion from the older generation that describes when things are bad
Person #1 age 20 What do you think of the rising gas prices, war costs and the Patriot Act
Person #2 age 60 This country is going to Hell in a Hand Basket.

Person #1 I never heard that saying

Person #2 Old saying, Urban UP young man!!
by John Hopper May 17, 2005
When your dumbass boss or someone in authority tries to tell you what to do or Someone who talks too much.
I went to the bosses office and you know how that went "quack quack quack"!
by John Hopper November 18, 2004
A nick name for a heterosexual male that acts in a homosexual fashion. A male that try’s to be masculine but all to often shows his feminine side. A man that appears to have homosexual tendencies.
Joe: I saw precious walk down the hall wearing those gay diesel shoes today.
Butch: At least he quit dying his hair.
John: I know someday he may start wearing make-up, for men of course.
by John Hopper June 22, 2005
Once a small city now a large one with a small down town central core. The city where everything is new so it is like a large suburb. Very hot in the summer. For every three people that move here two do leave.
Phoenix is becoming overpopulated polluted, expensive and the summer heat unbearable do not move here.
by John Hopper May 21, 2005

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