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To be down like sydrome is to be 100% on board for a plan, scheme, or invitation.
" Hey wanna go smoke a joint? " "Ya man, Im Down like Syndrome"
by John Detlor May 07, 2007
When a fat person is sitting on a small chair and their butt appears to be flooding over the edge. Sometimes refereed to as Floods or Levee chair
Holy Crap man did you see the butt flood on her, it is almost touching the ground !
by John Detlor May 07, 2007
A bitchy ass girl who is mean to everyone. The term comes from the fact that this girl is so cold hearted that there is likely frost on her pum pum
Hey mel, stop yellin already you fuckin frosty box
by John Detlor May 07, 2007
When your scrotum stretches out due to summer time weather. A tell tale sign of Summertime Sac is the need for a paint scraper to remove your satchel from your inner thigh.
Man I got the craziest Summertime Sac right now, I almost sat on my own balls !
by John Detlor March 12, 2009
To be Mcnabbed is to be plagued with injury and unable to finish an entire season. Other symptoms of being McNabbed include choking in the super bowl, trying to blame shitty performance on racist sports writers, and having a stupid afro.

" I can't believe he blew out his knee on the first snap of the season,... he totally got Mcnabbed "
by John Detlor September 14, 2008
Dinkout is a term used strictly in the world of golf. A dinkout occurs when a male golfer hits an awful Tee Shot that makes the entire foursome look silly to those watching. Said golfer must than play the rest of that hole with his "dink" sticking out the fly of his pants.
Come on now man, it didn't even make it past the ladies tee... Thats a Dinkout
by John Detlor May 07, 2007
When someone drinks half of a Colt .45, Maximum Ice, Olde English, or Schlitz and fills it back up with Green Kool-Aid. The resulting color looks like a Ghetto Turtle. It also tastes like licking sugar off a rusty bike chain.
Compton ass Terry was in the mood for something tropical so he hit up his O.E. with some Green Kool Aid for a Ghetto Turtle.
by John Detlor March 16, 2009
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