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Dinkout is a term used strictly in the world of golf. A dinkout occurs when a male golfer hits an awful Tee Shot that makes the entire foursome look silly to those watching. Said golfer must than play the rest of that hole with his "dink" sticking out the fly of his pants.
Come on now man, it didn't even make it past the ladies tee... Thats a Dinkout
by John Detlor May 07, 2007
While golfing: On any hole tee-off, if your shot fails to pass the womens tee-off spot, the other players call DINK OUT! and you must pull out your dink and play the rest of that hole with your dong hanging out of your pants.
shit, that thing only went two feet!
by spanky December 18, 2003
In golf when a tee shot by men using a driver(the biggest club) fails to be propelled past the lady's tee marker. The culprit of such a tee shot must continue to play the rest of the hole with his dink out.
Ha ha, you flubbed that shot so bad it's a dink out!
by schmorlygigs April 28, 2010
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