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Basically rolling hard in a fly ass gangsta mobile with LAMBO DOORS, usually painted with a candy like special effect paint that looks like gelatin, and in the middle of a busy traffic day or night simply throw the doors up on em. Best results come by both the driver and passenger's all at the same time open the doors to a vertical degree to make other passer by's eyes open up like paper plates. OO
Dawg look as these haters right here, man let's throw the doors up on em'
by JoeyJawBreakers May 20, 2008
A small child that wears diapers, and has a BIG LOAD of shit in their diaper and needs to be changed, but when you try to grab them to change the diaper they bolt across the house running fast dashing from room to room.
Look at that diaper dasher go!!!!!!! Grab em quick corner him over there go go go go . . . . get em!
by JoeyJawBreakers May 05, 2008
When your homeboys and yourself are chillin' out about anywhere there will be some fine ass females around, and all of the sudden you or one of them spots just maybe one(1) or a group of em' that are smokin' hot.... near or far, left, right... up or down, in regards to a 360 degree perimeter, you are to call out, "20/20!" giving them all notice to scan the immediate area until she or they are spotted by them, and then a quick decision is made about who or what is to be done within 3 seconds to get their contact information.
O shit..... 20/20!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JoeyJawBreakers May 05, 2008
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