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A small party, not quite full scale. Generally a shindig consists of 5-20 people hanging out at the host's house, but they may be held at other locations such as a beach. Shindigs almost always involve alcoholic beverages, usually beer. Often, marijuana is smoked as well.

A shindig usually does not escalate into a large full scale party because it is meant to be a low key night, avoiding any complications such as cleaning up vomit, unwanted guests, picking up trash the rude guests leave lying wherever they drop it, putting everything back in its proper place, eliciting attention fom neighbors and local law enforcement, etc.
My mom was out for the day, so I called some of my friends and we had a little shindig.
by Joey Pitchfork July 26, 2006
During the 1980's in the San Fransisco area, the practice of "clowning" became popular. In clowning, sexual partners would don clown make-up and other clown accessories before and during various sex acts. This generally gratifies a playfull and silly side of one's sexuality. These days, there has been a proliferation of clown pornography on the internet. One can now purchase DVDs of clowns fucking.
When i'm in the mood to see circus entertainers fornicate, i watch clown porn!
by Joey Pitchfork July 26, 2006
A duel in the old western style, with two duelists and a mediator. The two duelists take ten steps in opposite directions before the duel commences, just like a classic gun duel. But instead of turning and firing on the moderator's command, the moderator throws up a penny in the air. The two duelists then rush to the center and fight for the pennny. The duelist who holds the penny at the end is the winner.
I challenge you to a jewish duel.
by Joey Pitchfork August 14, 2006
Another name for the town of Huntington. An obvious reference to the ammount of marijuana consumed in the town.
We smoke mad blunts in bluntington
by Joey Pitchfork July 26, 2006
A very thin beard, worn by young boys in the early stages of puberty. Their facial hair is not thick or coarse yet, but they still think they look cool wearing their beard, even though it is thin and whispy, and looks really stupid.

The word "speard" is a hybrid of "spic" and "beard." This term was given because the primary wearers of speards are fourteen year old hispanic males. However, a signifigant portion of speards can be seen on boys of any ethnicity, especially on those of Middle Eastern or Indian descent. It is less common among negroid and caucasian boys.
I finally realized i look stupid with this speard on my chin, so I shaved this morning.
by Joey Pitchfork July 28, 2006
A hamlet within Huntington Township on Long Island. It is known for a wealthy and snobby populace, few of whom are smart enough to tie their own $120 sneakers. Good people in this part of town are scarce, as the majority of them have money on account of inheritance or sheer ruthlessness. The offspring of these individuals, therefore, usually turn out very spoiled, selfish, and incompetant. Everyone's kids go off to good colleges because their parents have lots of money and connections. Cold Spring Harbor High School takes pride in its accademic reputation, though very little actually learning occurs within the classrooms. During the 1800s, Cold Spring Harbor was a prosperous whaling and trading port. These days, its commerce consists largely of small shops geared towards upperclass middle aged people. The rates of violent crime are low, but the area has a severe drug problem, with increasing numbers of teenage drug addicts.
Cold Spring Harbor isn't as grand as it sounds.
by Joey Pitchfork July 24, 2006
A pet store...

For people of any other ethnicity, a pet store is a pet store. For asians, it is a fast food joint.
The white man goes to McDonalds to eat cow meat. The asian man goes to Asian McDonalds to eat dog or cat meat.
by Joey Pitchfork July 31, 2006

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