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A word used to terminate a conversation over the Internet if the conversation is particularly pointless or going nowhere.
idiot: Hi bAyBeE HowZ iT GoiN?!
human: huh?
idiot: LoLZzzzzzzzzz :P
idiot: :)
idiot: :P
human: yads.
by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo January 16, 2004
A l33t PWNER from Arizona...
Born in 88' He dissapeared into a cyber cafe network, and hasnt been seen since.. You can still find him PWNING peeps in chat rooms and games... Watch out!
Boom ... your dead... Easy as that...
by Joey joe joe junior shabadoo March 13, 2004
Very good.
A combination of bad, meaning "bad," and ass, meaning "bad."
That movie was badass, yo. Bad. Ass.
by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo December 02, 2003

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