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5 definitions by JoeTHEEAverage

Thee act of taking a water noodle with a best bud and inserting your cock into both sides of the noodle playing a little tug of war type game where who ever pisses harder wins and the loser is stuck with some nice hot cider dripping down their legs
So me and my bro were sick of the same old same old and tried the elephant spout with the nieghborhood kids kicking their asses they sucked major dick calling them Miles Davis
by JoeTHEEAverage November 12, 2011
0 1
Thee act of farting into a glass then quickly flipping it upside down on a table to trap the fart for someone to later pick up and smell the roses
So my bitch of a mom took my playboys so i got her with the bear trap, she didn't see it coming
by JoeTHEEAverage November 12, 2011
0 2
Thee act of dressing your cock as a puppet putting on a show the whole world of youtube will enjoy
So i was bored out of my fucking mind one day and asked to my mom what the fuck should i do and she said to put on a puppet show so there i went putting on a show for the chinks in asia to see
by JoeTHEEAverage November 12, 2011
3 7
Thee act of knocking some bitch to the floor unconscious with any foreign object them inserting your old fruit that you don't want in her pussy and when she wakes up to her surprise rotten shit in her pussy making it smell twice as shitty than it was before
So some bitch throws her drink on me so a committee thee act of hit and run and watch while laughing at her half naked ugly ass
by JoeTHEEAverage November 12, 2011
4 9
Thee act of sticking your tiny little needle dick into some bitches ear and cum
Oh my fucking god so some bitch was past out during church so i totally gave her a wet willy
by JoeTHEEAverage November 12, 2011
12 24