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The practice of the perfect masturbation sensation a.k.a. jacking off. Combined give off the ultimate orgasm that has the power to make your lower half explode!! >:-D
Non jacksturbater: Dude!!! When did you get a wheelchair??
Jacksturbater: It's a grim tale... I was so turned on I went beyond masturbation levels and I jacksturbated...
Non jacksturbater: Ohhhh... you're such a dumbass...
by JoeManX June 02, 2009
The basketball player who:
a) never passes to anyone on his team and always tries to drive it to the hoop, unsuccessfully every time and:
b) the kid who is way overaggressive on the court and shoves/argues every call/gets a tad physical.
Example 1
Referee (after watching him take 5 steps): travel
Ball Douche: What the f*ck is wrong with you the rules say you can take 2 d*mn steps after dribbling! I took two, you call a travel, and your mom is out in the bleachers crying from embarrassment because her adopted he/she whatever you are SUCKS!

Example 2
Player 1: (subtly boxes out Ball Douche)
Ball Douche: (throws right hook, jabs the player in the mouth, tackles him, steps on his nuts, breaks his ribs, stabs him with a homemade mini-spear through the arm, breaks his femur, dislocates players other arm from his shoulder, and puts peanut butter on his toes so they will be eaten by rabid squirrels wielding light sabers)
by JoeManX January 23, 2010
The most awkward as it gets
Ping pong enthusiast #1: Wow, its hard to play with 1/2 foot of space behind me
Ping pong enthusiast #2: Yea, it sure is awkwierd :/
by JoeManX July 14, 2009
The collection of two docks
American Middle-Man: Man! That guys so rich he has a paradox!!
American Middle-Man #2: Couldn't have bailed us out could he?
by JoeManx June 02, 2009

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