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An exceptionally fun event that typically occurs on a periodic basis (once/twice a year). It is an event joined by a group of married (or previously married) close male friends for the purposes of a weekend of unbridled joy.
The weekend includes activities normally enjoyed only by men.
Some of these activities include:
- Drinking
- Camping
- Cooking food on an open fire
- Partying by a campfire
- Frank discussions about unusual/interesting sexual events of the previous year
- The act of telling recurring jokes, recurring themes or digs on various parties in the group
- Practical jokes
- Long hikes into the wilderness
- Dangerous stunts
- Exchange of secrets the men wouldn't tell their significant other
- Tomfoolery
- Contests of manhood (lifting large objects, swim contests, etc)
- Dares (daring random women to "show me your tits!")

Often the weekend's events create incredibly vivid memories that can (and will) be discussed by this group of friends ad-nauseum (for their wives) until the next weekend event.
When is the next guys' weekend away dude?? I need a break from the wife and kids, and could use a couple days of pure joy!
by Joe Swift July 27, 2010
This is a largely unknown process whereby one object can be transformed into a somewhat related object. It is not unlike alchemy.
Limes can be transformed to lemons through the little known process of applification.
by Joe Swift July 26, 2010
Pure, unadulterated fun. A blissful enjoyment of
time/events/surroundings. The inability to stop laughing while
surrounded by your closest friends. A warm feeling in your belly in conjunction with sore smile muscles and watering eyes.

Members of the female gender may be confused and/or may become agitated if exposed to this phenomenon.
You've got to have a fun stick to be able to experience unbridled joy baby. Sorry, chicks just don't have'em...

Unbridled joy, its not for everyone.
by Joe Swift July 27, 2010
This is a style of blowjob whereby the woman kneels in front of the man and while she's performing fellatio he positions one hand under her chin, and the other hand on the back of her head thereby maximizing his control over both the rhythm and depth of her cock sucking.
This style is used in porn, and most frequently in the "slap happy" series.
Guy1: Did you get any last night?
Guy2: Yeah, got a little chin backa head from the missus!
Guy1: Nice!!
by Joe Swift July 28, 2010
When someone oversimplifies a task in order to get your buy-in. This is something done typically by sales people in order to clinch a sale, or by software management in order to convince developers to assign small estimates to large and complicated tasks
That mgmt slide show was a total snake-oil simplification! When you think about it for a few minutes its clear that providing the functionality described will be a lot more complicated than just plugging component A into server B. Who agreed to the effort estimates on this anyway!?!? We're screwed man, we'll never make this date!
by Joe Swift January 31, 2008
This comes about when one friend underestimates the length of a hike that a group of friends are about to undertake. In reality, it becomes a potentially fatal march in excess of 3 hours + in an uncharted wooded area that a group of friends, in various stages of physical fitness, take in an effort to become completely and utterly lost yet amazingly remain within 100 meters of a residential property at all times. Strangers may come by and give completely incorrect directional advice all the while stating that ‘I know this area well’.

The Death March can be so long that several members of the group may die before the end either from dehydration or arthritic pain for those awaiting hip replacement surgery. It is tradition that at the end of the Death March one of the group attempts to jump a metal gate thereby smashing his body painfully to the ground on the resultant fall. This is followed by shouts of pain (Chris), concern (Trevor/Paul/Ben/Dean) and quiet giggling (Bruce).
Guy1: Are we doing on a regular hike, or is this a death march like last year?!?
Guy2: This time is different man. I know this trail like the back of my hand
Guy3: Riiiiiight...
by Joe Swift July 29, 2010
Just before you're about to go down on a girl with a hairy bush, you squirt some krazy glue on your chin, and quickly go to town. Her hair will instantly become bonded to your chin. When her pubes are sufficiently adhered, you yank your face up quickly thus yanking most of the pubic hair out of her mount. You are now covered with an Abe Lincoln type beard.
This is actually a "partial" abe lincoln. See full abe lincoln for more details.
Dude, I gave that beeotch an abe lincoln, and now she wants to charge me with assault!! whats up with that!?!
by Joe Swift May 22, 2007

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