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There were once two friends a cock and an ass. both lived on the farm of senator dick mageee. senator dick was infamous for his odd inter-species sexual preferences. cock and ass had several times been forced to entertain him. They began to plot against him to try and destroy his libido. One day when senator was advancing on cock ass ran up and kicked him in the rear. cock took the opportunity to lunge at dick's stomach but dick jumped and cock landed in his groin. while in there he turned around and tried to escape but got stuck and only his head and neck still stuck out. the kick that ass had developed created a huge crater in dick's rear as well as sent a crack heading up his rear. after that day all human males had a cock's head and neck sticking out of thier groin and hole and crack in their rear (women gained their ass differently; see pussy)
"His dick was too small to receive pleasure from"
by Joe Rizzo is AWESOME February 26, 2008
after the experience with senator dick ass ran away, on his journies he met a friend named pussy. the two traveled the world together and fell in love. ass wanted to mate with pussy but this was impossible since pussy had no hole area in which ass could insert his reproductive organs. out of rage ass kicked pussy hard in the front lower area. pussy flew backwards into a short stick protruding from a tree. this had almost the same reaction as with senator dick. the kick also created a huge hole in pussy's front. after this experience pussy became fearful of ass and many more. and that is where women get their pussy and ass from as well as where we get the word pussy to describe a weak ass fuckhead.
"I stuck it in her pussy"
"I wish he would do drugs with me instead of being a pussy."
by Joe Rizzo is AWESOME February 26, 2008

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