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The Man-Point System is a sacred process of masculine prowess. When one does a noble deed or something manly, one receives a man point. When one accumulates 18 man points, one is oficially a man, and the maximum amount of man-points is 36, which is when you reach the manliness of a lumberjack. There are certain exceptions to the system in which certain individuals receive more than 36 man points. These are the manliest of men, in fact they are MAN GODS. You can also get negative man points for doing stupid dumb shit or being a bitch or being a creepy punk.
"Jay has negative forty man points. He is a creepy bitch."

"Man, you gotta love The Man-Point System."
by Joe Mingus December 02, 2006
a large woodland creature with lots of fur and a very dense mat of chode hair. It is very fast over land, but hates water and getting wet. It is among the most negative of forest animals and is constantly complaining. They love italian food and tobasco sauce. One of their favorite things in the world are large tits and big asses. They love the sex.
"There goes that buzzy bear, damn he's fast."
by Joe Mingus December 02, 2006
pale white ass cheeks. often revealed when one lowers thine britches in a taunting manner.
"Dude, Look at all those moon whales jiggling around in the water!!"
by Joe Mingus December 02, 2006
a deep, dark abyss (ass hole) in which large mammoths (shit) dwell. When the mammoths (shit) become too crowded they tend to exit the mammoth cave (ass hole) in a hasty manner.
"My mammoth cave is way too crowded man, i need to release some mammoths."
by Joe Mingus December 02, 2006
VERY VERY dangerous creatures that dwell in the wild (consisting of forests, bushes, trees, locker rooms, etc.). They will jump up and bite your face off if you're not careful. Treat them with dignity and respect. The mating call of the horse snake is one of the most beautiful sounds in the universe and has won multiple grammy awards.
"Do you hear that? There's horse snakes in that bush!!"
by Joe Mingus December 02, 2006

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