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1. A thing in which the nerds and social rejects of the world come to join one another in the fine arts of accusing someone of being a "FUCKING H4X0R FAG" or saying "I OWN YOU", all while masked by the anonymity that is the internet.

2. An activity in which, should its contents are taken with a grain of salt, can provide endless hours of happiness.
Nothing like firing up some CS:Source and spraying some offensive logos to watch the hardcore gamer's responses.
by Joe Millionare November 27, 2004
Yet another term for semen, cum, jizz, man custard, or what have you.
I whipped up a spoonful of DNA Pudding for that cute little bitch at the party.

A mouthful of cock makes the pudding go down!
by Joe Millionare December 06, 2004
The most awsome Friackin Person In the world;The owner of Strong Badia
Put that freakin sandwich down
by Joe Millionare September 04, 2003
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