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1) Stereotypical, close-minded being of Abrahamic-Religious origins. Usually resistant to social change, and the freedom of practice. They may feel that their beliefs are morally right. He or she may believe in charity, and kindness, but it is usually applied to people of their own beliefs. Some may be selfish, and create conflict to change a national policy in their favor, without thinking about minorities, or the violation of a constitution.

2) Stereotypical non-intellectual, Southern American Citizen, "Redneck" for slang. Usually depicted as a white, Evangelical Christian, who supports hate-groups such as, the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialist Party, or God Hates Fags. They are a menace to freedom.

3) One who believes that life should revolve around a book, rather than common sense, and individualism.
Not all Liberals or Conservatives are the same. But I see that many Conservatives are too judgmental, close-minded, and hateful of minorities, or people outside of their beliefs. Do you really want to be depicted as a barrier to social freedom? I am not some hippie on drugs, or a prostitute. I am an individual who feels for others, OUTSIDE of my religion, family, or race. The same goes for Atheists. You may think we worship Satan, but we believe Satan, or god does not exist. I try not to be too judgmental as well, but that is human nature. It is better to be independent from political parties. I am morally liberal, but I do not favor gun control.
by Joe Mcbob October 25, 2007
1) One who submits to a disorganized crime syndicate. Usually uneducated, poor marksmanship, poor grammar, and poor quality of life.


2) A stupid youth who believes he is in an organized mafia syndicate, who speaks in slang, wears baggy, foolish looking clothing, and demotes his or herself to below the level of George W Bush.

3) A slang word for Gangster. Which is an organized crime syndicate member. The word is now vaguely used for it's original term, and refers to Definition #2.

FYI: A gangsta is usually a youth of great stupidity, who thinks highly of his or herself, due to the fact that they listen to (c)rap music, wear baggy clothes, or demote women. Usually seen pretending to be cool, and act tough whenever their social identity is threatened. They have no sense of individuality, and actually believe they are in a mafia. Where as a real Mafia, Cartel, or Organized Crime Syndicate will fuck them up so bad, they will not live to tell a tale about it.

Get it in your heads you stupid kids, you are not the Mafia.

Other Definitions include:

Wangsta: An idiotic Caucasian person who attempts to act "gangsta", and a stereotypical African American Male.

Long live Rock and Roll...
Gangstas are stupid.
The stupid American Teenager tried to act gangsta, but the real Mafia killed him.
by Joe Mcbob October 25, 2007
An intellectual individual, who listens to Rock music, or it's retarded sub-genres, EMO, Metal, and Pop, and promotes social revolution or equality. Usually a Liberal.

He or she may not have a full education, but many have their own personal and independent beliefs.

They cannot be stereotyped due to their diversity. Unlike rappers, who tend to be posers and not as intelligent.
AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Van Halen, Kiss, Chuck Berry, and Guns N Roses kick EMO Rock's ass

Rocker Power
by Joe Mcbob October 28, 2007
A disgrace to Rock and Roll. Usually associated with the ever annoying EMOs.
My Chemical Romance is crap compared to AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin.
by Joe Mcbob October 28, 2007
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