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Myth: The Truth will set you free

Fact: The Truth will get the living hell beaten out of you or perhaps worse killed.
Person: Alright, here's the truth... I lied

Person 2: WHAT?!? HOW DARE YOU. *beats person 1 up with a stick*
by Joe Mangento January 13, 2005
Obviously a man/woman who likes underpants/panties
This man/woman has an uncontrollable desire to have underpants
by Joe Mangento December 01, 2004
The demon that lives inside all human things, it is a demon that creates stress, conflict, and war, and soon enough, destruction. Hatred is an enemy that is almost impossible to defeat. Plenty of people misuse Hatred because they really don't mean it.
A person who hates is afraid to show love.
by Joe Mangento January 03, 2005
Underwear for men that some women find sexy.
white briefs, boxer shorts
by Joe Mangento December 17, 2004
1. "Faster Than Light"

2. A company that creates men and women's underwear.
FTL boy's/men's briefs would have to be the best choice if you want to be a chick magnet.
by Joe Mangento January 11, 2005

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