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When you dip your nuts in and out of her mouth ..
When a girl is lying on her back and blowing you, you grab your cock and lift it out of the way and dip your nuts in and out of her mouth like you dipping a tea bag ..
by Joe Dirt November 19, 2003
The most accurate post I've seen so far is

"An ETERNALLY mislabeled genre of music which has nothing to do with Moby, Tiesto, Chemical Brothers, or Fatboy Slim. Techno is indeed a broad sub-genre of electronic dance music (or EDM, what many people use "techno" inproperly as a blanket term for) which fulfills these following constituents:

1. It is in some form minimalist, whether in composition or in sequencing.
2. It is created for the sole purpose of making people dance.
3. It is constructed in a manner to allow DJs to quickly and expertly mix and layer 2 or more of these compositions simultaneously.

Due to it's building-block nature, true techno is closer to hip-hop than many of the genres (such as trance and breakbeat) which it is erroneously associated with. "

Some well known techno DJ's would be Chris liebing, Jeff Mills, and Dj Rush

and trance has nothing to do with techno, techno is a very very very very very very very very unground subgenre of music

"azns" dont listen to "techno" if someone tells you something like alice deejay - better off alone is techno, they are stupid

techno is its own subgenre of electronica just like house, progressive house, trance, hard trance, progressive trance, breaks (breakbeat), prog breaks, acid house, and much much much more
mauro picotto - baguette

scooter and other mainstream shit is NOT techno, it's not even trance, it goes in its own genre of really bad music AKA cheese

techno, the real techno is a developed taste, download a dj rush set and find out
by joe dirt December 27, 2003
The pinnacle of gaming goodness. Prof Chaos' are the |337est beings to walk the planet and pwn any nubs that stand in their way.
I was fraggin nubs, then Prof Chaos came and nubbed my n00b ass cuz I stank balls.
by Joe Dirt January 05, 2004
a small rural bar with local redneck regulars.
We were in the middle of nowhere so we went to the dirty bars. They stink like sweat and piss.
by Joe Dirt March 11, 2005
The act of eating one's pussy. Origin from a word shouted out during oral sex, out of pure randomness.
Holy shit! Cetla me harder, make me cum!
by Joe Dirt October 01, 2004
having sex while running
look at those people fuckrunning
by joe dirt October 28, 2003
The |337est clan in the CS world. No one compares or even comes remotely close to touching -thc-. Can't deny unstoppable. w00t.
My clan, -)ACP(- tried our hands against -thc- and got our shit pushed in. werd.
by Joe Dirt January 05, 2004

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